I keep it real by focusing on what I can do today to shape tomorrow.

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Transforming Your Relationship with Your Loan Provider

Finances are complicated. LendingClub makes it simple. The new Membership & Marketplace account shows your credit score, tracks all your debt in one place, and explains the hard stuff.

Dive deeper into your finances with no judgement, no blame, and no gimmicks.

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A New Tool to Track Your Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Manager is an important tool for LendingClub to support Americans better manage the over $1 Trillion dollars in revolving credit card debt.

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Angel Island

I like knowing why, going beyond expectations, and moving fast

Originally from Rochester, NY, currently in San Francisco. I'm an ambitious designer with a focus on visual design and knowing what we can do better.

Currently with Pill Club changing how womxn take control of their future.
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