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Membership and Marketplace

Membership and Marketplace

The Problem(s)

Members wanted more information about why they were declined from a loan, or couldn't get the rates they wanted. Members want someone to "financially adult" for them. They want someone else to share the cognitive load of their finances and to help them make choices they don’t feel they can make responsibly.

The Solution

LendingClub saw an opportunity to expand from solely focusing on personal loans to transform into an ecosystem that includes tools to help customers manage their finances. We knew their credit score, debt-to-income ratios, and credit usages were often too high to qualify for the best offer. It was a clear opportunity for us to give insight and education.

My Role

A big component of this transition was a product that I led internally called Credit Health. I addressed the need for more rich information on why members were declined for loans or couldn't get the rates they expected. Members were now able to use their account experience, which we called Member Center, to see all their debt and financial health metrics in one place. I also led a major visual overhaul for Member Center as I developed these experiences.

How Has Member Center Evolved?

The Member Center account is undergoing constant change and testing with a varaety of offers mixed in with normal servicing options
Some rough early stage sketches exploring the new opportunities we had
Our Members wanted more information about why their credit score, debt-to-income ratios, and credit usages were so high. It was a clear opportunity for us to give insight and education. Members responded positively to this as it was more than what some other credit reports present.
The home page needed to be come more than a simple feed of everything we want to show to a specific segment. We needed to transform and contextualize what was happening on the page, and provide space to present content without overwhelming the Member.
Members are able to access deeper details about their credit reports so they know what to do. They'll also have access to tools like simulators to begin understanding where they can take action.

Research Findings & Deep Truths

According to the Financial Health Network, more than 70% of Americans are considered financially vulnerable or coping. From LendingClub’s own research study in 2018, we found that while people have the time and skills to learn about finances, 56% of respondents saying that thinking or talking about their finances is mentally draining. How can we help?

“I know nothing about trying to get a loan for credit card debt, and [Member Center] has made it really easy.”


In only 3 years Member Center has become more than just a loan servicing page. It is now a robust space where the whole of LendingClub, products and visions, is represented. Members are able to decide what’s best for them, knowing we understand who they are. It is now a place where Members see their Membership, integrated with a Marketplace, focused on their financial future with LendingClub as their partner.

As the new experience was presented to our Members, by April 2020 we saw over 200,000 Members upgrade their accounts to use these new tools. We also saw a lift in application to issuance rates as Members now better understood where they stood financially.