App Strategy @ Okcoin

2021 - Present
Lead Designer
App Strategy @ Okcoin


Okcoin has been working on several phases of overhauling the app’s architecture, navigation, and a series of new features that bring the app to a competitive parity within the US crypto markets. I am the lead product designer managing e2e global experiences for the Okcoin team. I oversee app Information Architecture, Navigation, and Early User Experience (which bridges Accounts, KYC, and Growth teams internally).

As a part of my role I frequently put together North Star visions of what the app could be based on the roadmap and concepts the executives share with me.

This project is an overview of some of my favorite explorations in my time at Okcoin.


Okcoin doesn’t know what it wants to be beyond a crypto exchange. Leadership entertains multiple visions of what the company could be during the crypto winter of 2022 and asks that we build features that help us compete in the market. But what will really help us stand out and scale up in a time of fear and sharp economic downturn globally?

Open Questions

When working on these North Star visions, I’ve asked numerous questions. Some that resonate with me are:

  • Does a nuanced and contextual app experience lead to increased retention, buying, and staking?
  • Do new traders prefer to learn through small steps building to bigger experiences or do they want to find their own way?
  • How do we define a crypto newbie from an experienced trader who is just lost in our experience?
  • How do we encourage traders to complete onboarding, identity verification, and securing their accounts without overwhelming them with demands?
  • Where is a trader going to seek new information about the crypto market?
  • What about our platform can become valuable enough to be a source of learning for traders?


Almost all of this work is theoretical and has not/will not ship. I share this because the process is so fun and really examines the breadth of opportunity available in the crypto space.

I have collaborated with content designers, researchers, almost my entire product design team, leadership, and product managers to explore what is feasible and what is not

My full case study is available upon interview request :)