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The Pill Club is an online women's health company focused on prescribing birth control to people with periods. We're on a mission to be a trusted healthcare partner for women, empowering them through access, choice, and education – all while delivering a positive and personal experience. You can learn more at https://thepillclub.com/about-us

Why We Re-Designed the Blog

To increase brand authenticity and engagement with our educational material, The Pill Club decided it was time to re-design the blog. I was asked to design something that could work for social media, activism, and scientific articles, with a focus on making The Pill Club look like a trustworthy resource. The blog is an incredibly important resource for initial impressions and conversion so our writing staff works quickly to output high quality and relevant material weekly.

What It Was

The original blog design on desktop

The original design of the blog was simple and functional. It was bare bones and was good for churning out articles quickly, but it had a high bounce rate with low engagement through SEO. Our marketing team wanted to invest more in SEO and long-form articles, so what we had wouldn't scale over time.

Problems to Address

  1. We needed a high quality solution that allowed for a range of articles and SEO
  2. We needed a blog that could be supported with a pre-made CMS, so our writing staff could quickly publish their articles
  3. We wanted a custom design to support our brand without looking too young

Lo-fi Explorations

I worked on this project from August 2020, until it's launch in December 2020. During my early explorations I was heavily inspired by news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post. I wanted us to look trustworthy from the start - a place where you could read opinion articles as well as breaking news about women's health without questioning the authenticity of the brand's interests. I audited our competitors and similar brands and found many to be focused on visual imagery and punchy headlines.

Throughout my process I worked closely with my Head of Product and our brand designer on how Product Design and Brand Design could develop a coherent visual voice that helped bridge the gap in how our external website doesn't always align with our funnel experience.
The Pill Club's blog was developed by Township on the platform Ghost. I worked closely with a developer from the Township team, consulting on how to build reusable components and micro-interactions. We were focused on building a library of widgets and design system that the writing staff could use without relying on designers.
The Pill Club brand will evolve over time, so we wanted the blog to be flexible in tone. While exploring logos for the blog name we also debated what the most important topics people with periods would want to see in the navigation.

Lo-fi Interactive Prototype

This is a clickable prototype of the mobile site

Where it's at

The Pill Club launched the new blog in December 2020, just before Christmas. You can see it live at https://thepillclub.com/blog. We are actively updating it and developing pop-up quizzes to explore how we can introduce our readers to our product lines.