Positive Negative Magazine

Designer, Writer, Production Editor
Rochester Institute of Technology
Positive Negative Magazine

This is the 10th and final edition of Positive Negative Magazine. My role in this publication was a Production Editor,  Designer, and Writer. I composed 3 original articles and worked with several photographers to art direct conceptual photoshoots to support my abstract articles. I focused on the theory of humanism through lenses of selfishness, panic, and euthanasia.

I worked with the entire staff to coordinate file consistency and output standards. I also was the main liaison with the printer and bindery for finishing processes. The publication is 8in x 10in and includes accenting dimensional clear spot glosses to emphasize small details and illustrations throughout the magazine.

The magazine won Silver & Gold ADDYs, in 2018, in the student divisions.

Clear spot-gloss cover with hand drawn illustrations spanning front and back

I wrote an article focused on euthanasia and how that affects families as a whole. Originally focused on my own great-grandfather, and then looking at a family based in Europe, I wanted to visually explore the remnants left behind by people who leave on their own terms.

When evaluating the mental effort it takes to plan anything, to intentionally act good - a spiral into moral crisis often occurs for the unprepared.

I explored the idea that selfishness can be a positive force for ourselves